Maria Magdalena  design Agency is home to a design studio where we offer branding services, design and product development and boutique where you can find our own brands..


Our intention is to create through the magical profusion of nature seducing inspiration, being a reminder of the importance of everyday life. 


Our intention is to design and create through the magical profusion of nature seducing inspiration, being a reminder of the importance of everyday life.

When every person starts an entrepreneurship, it is essential to be clear about their mission, vision, objectives, to optimize the business, we give them support from the tangible, such as the design of the logo, stationery, space or product, as well as not tangible as the concept, web pages, online sales systems, network systems advice, or the design of operations.


We offer a comprehensive service, first of all, that allows us to advise a person if they want to start from 0 or design very particular and specific things. We have the means to provide general accompaniment.


Agencia de diseño

We seek to understand the needs of the person to design and create. We generate ideas, art, objects and spaces through the simplicity of the elements.


We decipher the concepts of beauty of each person, and create from there reflecting the identity of the being, seeking coherence with the tangible world, between the aesthetics of the message, the original purpose and the functionality of the object.


We dare to forget rituals and conventions, connecting with the present and your needs. Using simple resources, we alter the order of the usual and the ordinary becomes exceptional.


Our mission is to exalt beauty by giving you the means to share your own vision with the world.

Agencia de diseño

Each client is unique as its project, we count on all essentials tools to help our clients in the development of their business. 


Concept development 

Market Research, Target audience, Analysis, Brand & Business concept development. Products conception and design.


Flavor & Scents

Research, Luxury Products, Consumer's goods, Formulations, Development


Strategy, Positioning, Messaging, Story Development, Identity design.


Production and Execution 

Brand and projects collaterals, Web designs & development, Planning, Operations design, Formulation, Packaging, Private labels.


Hospitality & Investment Estates 

Concept development, Design, space planning, drawings and budgeting, Owners Representative role, Project Management.



Press relation, Multimedia Media campaigns, Content production.   

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 Aromas y sabores



Ready made

Listo para usar

Nuestras marcas

As creators we develop our own products and consumer brands to share it with our community, Dominican Perfumes and Malik & Co.


We design and produce perfumes, books, art, apothecary for home,  body care, home care products, specialty gourmand delicacies, and collectibles.  

You can find them in our Boutique Online HERE

Dominican Perfumes is a brand dedicated to Design and produce Perfumes, available in selected Boutiques, Duty Frees and our online store. 


Maria Magdalena has been trained in the craft of traditional French perfumery, our olfactory creations are artistic expression in its purest sense, with intentionality we create art pieces involving the sense of smell in a practical and tangible way, democratizing art and design, taking it out from the formal contexts of museums dedicated to experts, and bring them to the public into everyday life as the Art of Essence.

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Malik & Co  is a brand dedicated to produce artisan, high quality home essentials and delights such as household care, hand care, teas, candles and aromatizers. 

Our love for design, art, quality, and exceptional raw materials come together in this brand. With our products we want to bring the magic of nature into simple acts full of magic, and make the care of the spaces  we inhabit an authentic expression of love that transcends the everyday.

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